Sample Essay

Ecology is a scientific word that describes how organisms interact with their surroundings, which includes other creatures. Cultural ecology is a conceptual basis for explaining cultural variation in connection to the environment. Cultural ecology was the first theoretical attempt to give a theoretical justification for those parallels and differences, focusing on how material culture, or technology, relates to fundamental survival, i.e., sustenance.

In light of the cultural-ecological systems model, it shall be assumed that the current standing of African Americans with regard to the prevalence of AIDS is one that owes its origins to the role of four ecological subsystems. These four subsystems are not only interdependent but also interactive with each other in nature and a discussion on the medical anthropology of AIDS in African Americans cannot be considered to be complete without an elaboration through the frame of reference on the cultural-ecological subsystems model.

The microsystem perspective is one that perceives the scenario with regard to the role and relevance of the individual while the mesosystem perspective considers the role and relevance of the family. The eco-system perspective considers the community with regard to the subject of discussion while the macro system perspective considers the subject social community in a bigger picture.

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