Interpretations Of Green Marketing

For Research on different interpretations of green marketing, you can define green marketing as the marketing of products that are said to be environmentally safe. This includes many activities like product modification, changes in the production methods, using recycled board or paper for packaging as well as different forms of advertising. People are now aware of the damages that chemicals and industrial gases are causing to the environment and upsetting the ecological balance. They are now switching to products that do not use chemicals like fertilizers to increase food production or preservatives that will ensure the useful shelf life of food. (more…)

Retail and Tourism in Argentina

The retail sector in Argentina has experienced a period of decline since 1998. The country’s economic slowdown has constrained consumer spending. However, some segments—including restaurants and certain retail franchises—have undergone continued growth. Small markets and family-owned retail outlets have gradually been replaced by larger chain stores. By 2000, about 80 percent of the nation’s food and beverage sales were through supermarkets and large chain outlets. Argentina now has a number of major international hyper markets (large stores which sell a variety of products, including food, clothing, hardware, and pharmaceuticals). (more…)

Essay: Energy Efficiency Has to be Developed

In order for the EU and other industrial countries to reduce the emissions by about 805 in 2050, they will need to prolong the development that has been introduced by the P&M scenario. This means that the energy efficiency has to be developed with the introduction of technology and innovation and a supportive market that is willing to adapt optimal technology. There should also be the use of renewable energy sources and this need to have been tripled by the year 2020 as per the P&M scenario.


Essay: Watson and Skinner

Watson and Skinner further asserted that most characters in violent cartoon shows often go unpunished even if they commit murder or crime, an act that is un called for (328). Such cases tend to breed violence and crimes among children who through the shows are made to believe that instance of crime are not punishable.


Essay: Water on the Earth

Sample Essay

The availability of water on the Earth is said to be the reason the planet is able to sustain life. This simple substance is the combined need of all living things and it covers the major portion of the planet as well. Its uses include drinking to quench thirst, irrigation to support food production, as an agent to put out fire, sewage disposal and uses of a more modern nature such as for rotating thermal turbines for power generation and recreational purposes. It was aptly termed by some Greek philosophers to be the source of all existence. Thus in the modern world as it was in the ancient, water remains an important natural resource without which humans cannot survive.