Importance of Organizational Structures

Sample Essay – Organizational Structures Most business organizations, including various financial institutions, need to cope with high levels of competition due to globalization and the rise of information technology; these organizations needed to have effective organizational structures, which, according to Arce (2001), all organizations need to possess to be flexible Read more…

Essay: World Bank

Sample Essay – World Bank

Around the 60’s and 70’s the focus of the World Bank(it changed it name to reflect this new trend in its development) came upon the developing world. These countries were generally products of a colonial past and had constant financial and economic problems. Even now however the World Bank retained the focus that it had acquired as far as assistance went. The World Bank financed huge projects such as dams, roads and buildings.


Essay: Complexity of Trade Unions

Another legal factor impacting the British Airways is the complexity of its trade unions. Many actions from the workers demanding better working conditions have been typical of the company. Ranging from massive strikes to demonstrations and boycotts leading to flight delays has made the customer justifiably worried and unable to rely on the airline company.


Essay: Definition of Leadership Styles

Trough the definition of leadership styles in terms of directive, supportive, participative, and achievement in the study of path-goal theory, the outcome of organisation manage has been enhanced. I can now offer diverse leadership responsibilities dependent on the situations, which have helped me establish a very healthy relationship with people above and under my jurisdiction.


Essay: Political Impacts

By serving the international market, the aviation industry is faced with the issue of political impacts, both local and international. Different countries have different legal policies. The management of the businesses in the aviation industry should do extensive research to ensure that they understand the different political operations in different countries they intend to operate.