I’m not sure if I can rely on your services, what makes you best?

Our academic papers are our competitive edge. Unlike other websites, we deliver satisfaction to the customer in the form of academic papers they order. Our sole purpose is to provide the customer with complete academic help by all means before the deadline.

You asked for my personal information in the form. Is it confidential?

Absolutely! Our privacy policy is followed strictly by every individual working at EssayTube. Moreover, there are vigilant administrators who make sure no one violates the privacy policy and the customer information is kept secure.

How long does it take to deliver the order?

The time is assigned by the customer. It is our duty to deliver the order within the time assigned; however, it is customer’s choice to assign any duration.

What are your anti-plagiarism measures?

Our writers strictly adhere to the company’s plagiarism policy. The process flow includes a research phase, where all the writers have to do fresh research on the paper assigned so that it is written with unique and updated content. Above that, we have evaluators for quality purposes who ensure no paper is plagiarized and is absolutely accurate.

I am afraid to charge my credit card, what to do?

Our mode of payment is through PayPal which is the most secure system throughout the world. Your credit card information will not be appeared elsewhere and you can completely rely on the security measures made by EssayTube for this purpose.

How can I know the status of my order?

When the order is placed and accepted, the customer is provided with the reference number at the email id. The customer can use the reference number to track the status of the order.