Essay: Age for Drinking

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Other individuals point out to the increase in binge drinking specially on college campuses in which students are engaging in consumption of hard liquor in unsupervised conditions. They use this observation to point out that 19, 20 year olds cannot handle alcohol, they are simply not responsible enough. However some experts give some reasons why  not lowering the drinking age may have worsened the situation. For example according to Professor Engs from Indiana University who has carried out considerable research on this issue, in communities all over the world such as Chinese, Greek and Italian, the drinking age is lower teenagers manage alcohol a lot better, because they are exposed to it at home and it is simply not considered a big deal.


Essay on Victims of Bullying

A task equally important to creating a universal definition of bullying is to identify the population of children who are bullied, and if possible to distinguish them from other children who have interpersonal difficulties in the school setting. Although there have been studies that have identified characteristics of the victim Read more…

Varieties of Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning You can describe hybrid learning in a variety of ways. Hybrid learning in some cases means online activities that facilitate their learning goals in the class. An explanation of this is an in-class advertising course requiring the student to complete a part of their course material via webinar. Read more…

Research Study on Assessing School Violence

The problem of school violence is of widespread concern in Canadian communities. Unfortunately, much of the literature to date has focused on perceptions and statistics as drawn from the media, teachers, politicians and law enforcement agencies, not students themselves. Notwithstanding the need for collaboration among students, teachers, administrators, parents, police, Read more…

Essay: Wolfe’s Work on Religion

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Wolfe seems to support the thesis in his work that in the interplay between the dynamic American culture and religion, the former has prospered over the latter. This he further goes on to say, means that while there are many differences between the religious denominations that are presents, there is little difference between the people who follow them. He also puts strong emphasis on the relationship between modern liberal democracy in American and religious doctrine. In this regard, the author advocates the notion that while the American people are still very religious and indeed do take matters as such very seriously compared to many other nations, they have been able to shape religion to conform to their own unique notion of democratic equality.


Essay: What are Social networks

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Social networks were basically online communities, reportedly of people who shared common interests so they could interact with each other. Names such as MySpace, Orkut and Facebook sprung up and in a sense became a part of the everyday lives of the people around the world. Such a form encouraged various new ways of interaction and sharing information. Now they are regularly used by computer users globally.


Persuasive Essay on Bullying

Bullying is a behavior that children can easily recognize when they experience it, yet operationalizing a definition for research has been more challenging. The reason for such difficulty seems to be a function of both the wide range of behaviors that constitute bullying and the characteristics of bullying behavior. The Read more…