Essay: Roman Catholic Church

This paper is about the overall central idea of the Roman Catholic Church. Many questions arises in human mind when we see this word with many aspects; it tells the secrecy of the Roman Catholic Churches, the history of them, the theory lies behind it along with the faith of Christian people attached to it (O’Grady 3).


Essay: What is Islamism

Sample Essay – Islamism 

Islam provides Muslims a code of conduct that has been written in the Holy Book. Muslims are supposed to understand and follow it and when it comes to understanding there are different possible interpretations of the same text. Islamism is not a single concept rather it’s a product of different ideologies that exists within the umbrella of Islam. Islam is a religion that provides guideline for the Muslims around the world.


Essay: Enlightenment in Italy

Sample Essay – Enlightenment in Italy

Another figure embodying the spirit of the Enlightenment in Italy was Anna Morandi Manzolini. Although she in no way contributed intellectually to the Enlightenment philosophy, her detailed study of the human anatomy contributed a great deal to scientific research at the time. She was a professor in the University of Bologna and her contribution to the study of human anatomy is still useful today.


Essay: Concept of Monotheism

Sample Essay – Monotheism

One of the most key concepts of Islam is the concept of monotheism. The Koran insists more then it insists on anything else is that Allah is one Lord, he is the sole God, the only creator of the universe and there is no one who in anyway can be compared to him. In the concept of monotheism Koran has only one inflexible and stringent view:


Essay: Monotheism in Religion

Sample Essay – Monotheism in Religion

The relevance of these verses of our topic is that because the concept of monotheism is so key to the Koran any kind of religious pluralism would only be acceptable to the Koran if the other religion being considered would stress thus equally on monotheism. Presumably as the previous part of the essay indicates to us that Koran accepts that Islam is the last in a line of religions of which Judaism and Christianity are part it would appear that the Koran would recognize monotheism as being an important part of these religions too. However this is where the difference emerges. Despite all of this the Koran identifies key differences between the three religions. As far as Christianity is concerned the Koran interprets trinity as a variation on the concept of monotheism and thereby making this religion unacceptable. The Koran says in reference to this.