Essay: A Letter to my Love

A Letter to my Love – We still have a chance to change the outcome, the separation did me good, I am now free, free from self pity and denial. I can no longer deny the fact that I am not good without you, nor can I overlook the fact that I am miserable. My love the plans we had were good, and I feel we have the potential to go far in our lives. The dreams that we shared are still in my heart, for they were pure and noble dreams, dreams we shared together, dreams of our future about our family, our children and our old days together.


Essay: Western literature

The Iliad and the Odyssey are two of the oldest pieces of Western literature in existence today. They are canons of the west’s literary past even now and have a large following. The stories of both have been repeated countless times and used in cultural references and in making big budget movies which speaks of their pervasive affect. Both of these are believed to be authored by Homer inGreece. His epic poems have become so popular that they have even led to the initiation of Homeric scholarship in various parts of the world.


Essay: Oedipus and Othello

Oedipus and Othello are both tragic heroes, according to Aristotle’s definition, and both experience a downfall. However, the natures of their downfalls are different. Othello fails due to the jealousy that arises as a result of human treachery. Oedipus’ downfall however has already been decided. His fate follows him continuously and leads him to even more trouble than he was embroiled in before. Oedipus was destined to do what he did, while Othello chose his own fate. Othello can therefore be seen to be more responsible for his downfall. Oedipus’ fate on the other hand was sealed. The gods had decided his actions and his downfall.


Essay: Analysis of case; Isabel Stewart

Sample Essay – Isabel Stewart

From the start of the educational and career growth of Isabel, she has been shown never to accept defeat or failure. She is an outstanding student at her university, excelling in all the major tax courses, that later form the basis of her specialization in the discipline. While she’s very successful in her career, she’s rather a task oriented individual who is keen towards details, does her work with due diligence. Her success and intelligence is many a times downplayed by many of her colleagues while at the same time, capitalizing on her ideas to their own personal credit, an example of which is Ralph.


Essay: A Dream in Hanoi

Sample Essay – Hanoi

A Dream in Hanoi is Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Night’s Dream staged in a Vietnamese performance which also happens to be the outcome of American and Vietnamese collaboration twenty five years after the Vietnam War. In other words, it is a Berkeley produced documentary focusing on a bilingual and multicultural version of the original play.


Essay: Movie Heroes

Sample Essay – Movie Heroes

One obsession of a watch maker becomes the cause of his own mother’s murder and just as he gets to find out his evil attributes he gets to be the much feared personality people could get to know of. Syler, as he prefers to be known as progressed from being a mere watch collector to one on a killing spree for the quest to snatch everyone else’s powers.


Essay: Never Perfect Movie

Sample Essay – Never Perfect Movie

The perception of beauty and elegance would vary from a societal perspective thus demanding a lot from women at times. ‘Never Perfect’ is a movie embark upon the struggle of a young Vietnamese American with body image and critical self perception that forces her to undergo cosmetic surgery and change the way she looks.


Essay: Jacob Riis book

Sample Essay – Jacob Riis book

Jacob Riis book is a well-concocted mixture of factual research and emotionally heart-rending stories about the lives of those who lived in New York’s notorious tenements.

The book discusses the problem thoroughly and then ends with a practical solution citing examples where such changes have been implemented.