Essay on Victims of Bullying

A task equally important to creating a universal definition of bullying is to identify the population of children who are bullied, and if possible to distinguish them from other children who have interpersonal difficulties in the school setting. Although there have been studies that have identified characteristics of the victim Read more…

Research Study on Assessing School Violence

The problem of school violence is of widespread concern in Canadian communities. Unfortunately, much of the literature to date has focused on perceptions and statistics as drawn from the media, teachers, politicians and law enforcement agencies, not students themselves. Notwithstanding the need for collaboration among students, teachers, administrators, parents, police, Read more…

Persuasive Essay on Bullying

Bullying is a behavior that children can easily recognize when they experience it, yet operationalizing a definition for research has been more challenging. The reason for such difficulty seems to be a function of both the wide range of behaviors that constitute bullying and the characteristics of bullying behavior. The Read more…

Research Paper on Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education During the 1980s, the number of legal immigrants that entered the United States exceeded 7 million, accounting for 33 percent of the change in the U.S. population in the decade. Both the current flow of immigrants and immigrants ‘contribution to population growth are now approaching levels set at Read more…

Summary Example of School Violence

Notwithstanding the limited amount of current quantitative research on the nature and extent of school violence, references were drawn from contemporary Canadian sources as much as possible in order to provide a contextually relevant picture of what is thought and known about the topic. Specific studies conducted with Canadian students Read more…

Essay: Kim modeled constructive criticism

Sample Essay

Rather than have the students work in one large team, as they had in the first project and had reported finding unwieldy for communication and job delineation, Kim (2005) broke them up into four smaller teams that each worked on their own translation of the assessment tests.  This produced four different versions of the translated tests that were then discussed by the class and both strengths and areas for improvement were identified.   Noting that the students had reported feelings of dissatisfaction with the feedback processes realized during the first authentic task, Kim modeled constructive criticism for students.  Once changes were made to the various translations, Kim selected the most accurate one and that was presented to the clients.


Essay: What is Philology

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Philology concerns itself with both form and meaning of linguistic expression and combines both linguistics and literary studies. . The invention of recording equipments proved to be a boon for the nascent science of sociolinguistics enabling researchers for the first time to record and consider speech directly rather than inferring it indirectly from written documents.