Since its release late last year, the new AI language model ChatGPT has become popular. According to a poll, 43% of college students overall claim to have used AI tools like ChatGPT, and 50% of them admit to utilizing those technologies to complete assignments or take examinations.


According to recent research, even though ChatGPT’s academic-style material is more sophisticated than the previous version, it still adheres to a mostly formulaic structure, making it simple for many existing AI-detection algorithms to pick it out.

These findings, according to researchers from Plymouth Marjon University and the University of Plymouth in the UK, motivate academic staff to look into strategies for teaching and reducing student academic dishonesty. Furthermore, there are many apps that can now detect ChatGPT content. By employing tools for code quality analysis, plagiarism detection, stylometric analysis, and other AI detectors, teachers can now detect ChatGPT.

Moreover, ChatGPT generates similar results for comparable or identical questions, but it also yields different results depending on the context, wording, and level of data that each user provides. Therefore, you can never be sure if the content has been used before or not.

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