Sample Essay

Product positioning in the market deals with the way a product is projected onto a consumer’s mind. Product positioning manipulates how a product will be perceived by potential customers. It does not involve any physical changes or physical positing of the product in a marketplace but rather aims at changing peoples’ perception of  a product and his can be achieved through projecting characteristics of a product into the minds of people (Ries & Trout, 2000). The flat panel television will be projected as a high quality brand which is a symbol of sophistication, style and elegance.

One typical mistake is to build a product without having a crystal clear notion of how the client should view the product after it’s finished. Start with an ideal product positioning statement before you begin the product positioning process. After that, you’ll know where you want your product to be at the end of the development process.

Based on consumer demands, competitive alternatives, the most successful communication channels, and personalized messaging, marketers choose the best methods to offer items and reach the target audience. Companies may design messages that meet consumer requirements and desires and encourage them to buy with the right product positioning.


The marketing strategy which includes the target market, value proposition and product positioning explains how the flat panel televisions will be marketed. The value proposition and product positioning of the television will be quite effective in achieving marketing goals with respect to the target market.

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