Essay on What Did Mankind Learn from WWII?

By applying ruthless force, every human disagreement may be rapidly settled. However, with such a strategy, it is certain that human lives would be lost, human rights will be violated, and security and freedom will be destroyed. Conflict will resurface sooner or later as the repressed rage builds up and explodes.

We may learn from the experiences of World War II that violence only leads to further violence. Furthermore, military successes and failures are transient, as history shows us. There are several instances of various nations signing peace accords merely to buy more time to be ready for war.

It’s in our nature to want to go to war. Though philosophers and scientists debate whether people are born good or evil, the reality of ongoing conflict and bloodshed informs us that everyone has a certain amount of evil within them.

One of our primary impulses is said to be aggression, and even if we suppress it for a long, the beast within of us will eventually arise in response to even the smallest trigger. We must draw crucial conclusions from the past and start along the path of peaceful communication with the outside world. The burden of making sure that misery, devastation, and violence don’t happen again in the 21st century rests with every one of us.

The internet altered everything. People from all around the world came together because of it. We are the first generation of truly global citizens, thanks to the growth of technology. We are aware that everyone is within our grasp and is free to contact us.

How we make use of this new technical ability is up to us. Addictions to video games, dangerous chemicals, and spreading falsehoods and hostility are all possible.

Global issues cannot be solved by one person alone. Everyone may begin with oneself, though. Only a few will at first follow us, then a dozen, then a hundred, a thousand, and finally tens of thousands. We must work to magnify the good in ourselves and inhibit evil in order to live in harmony.

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