Sample Essay

The movie can be seen as a historical one not only in the perspective that it presents an excellent depiction of colonial Australia, but can also be used as an instrument that offers a rare insight into colonial Britain if a comparison was to be made. However, in order to attain a much deeper understanding of colonial Australia in the perception of the movie, it is necessary to develop an understanding of the perspective that the movie has chosen to take towards the subject. If one was to shed light upon colonialism in Australia while keeping in perspective the colonialism that prevailed in the British Empire.

When watching the movie, one cannot help but feel that the similarity that can be found in colonialism is quite remarkable. It was during the first half of the twentieth century that colonialism in Australia, as well as Britain, began to crumble away in succession. However, while great Britain was adopted the approach of establishing colonies outside of its land, the scenario in Australia was relatively different in this regard. We can see in the movie how the colonialism in Australia was more internal than it was external such as was the case in Great Britain.

The Rabbit-Proof Fence is a perfect example of this phenomenon. While the British Empire chose to extend its reign over foreign lands, the Australian government chose to reinforce its native structure by isolating people of mixed races and foreign races from its native inhabitants. The State Barrier Fence was a perfect example of this division as it stretched out across the outback and severed the coming generations of aboriginals from the natives of Australia.

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