Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci wrote in a mirrored style, starting the lines on the right while holding the pen in the left. He tended to fill out the right page of notebooks first, then the left. According to graphologists, this characteristic of writing indicates a great desire for dominance.

Writing in “normal” handwriting was difficult for Leonardo. When clarity was crucial, such as in the notation on topographic maps or the record of his father’s passing, he employed the “generally recognized” technique. Leonardo meticulously penned both his official and private letters. With both hands, he sketched.

Leonardo was captivated by the Icarus myth. At least nine different sets of his writings contain comments on aviation technology. He was drawn to the idea of raising both people and things into the air. He wanted to fly over the Lombard lakes, so he created a parachute with proportions that aren’t all that unlike from current ones to lessen the chance of falling.

The flight appeared to be the inventor’s wildest imagination, his attempt to manufacture a supernatural marvel. His quest for total freedom and to transcend the limitations of human life are also expressed in this notion.

Grandmother Lucia di ser Piero di Zoso, who Leonardo saw as a mother figure, may have been the one to inspire the boy’s creative imagination. Lucia was linked to pottery but also comes from a line of notaries. Leonardo described himself as an illiterate guy who learns via art-making and practice. He engaged in debates with haughty individuals with scientific degrees who, after having “caught” the master in self-education, vehemently disapproved of his work.

Leonardo asserted sternly and forcefully in his contemporaneous notes that he is proud of having learned things via observation of nature rather than through books or lecturing from professors. He also feels that art has universal worth.

Da Vinci conducts himself as a self-made individual. Leonardo believed that art should never be used to further the interests of anybody. The master asserts that professional experience is as beneficial to academic training.

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