Sample Term Paper


Computer security systems owe their origin to the very creation of computer technology. That is because of two facts. Firstly, as computer systems become all the more enhanced, in a majority of the computer systems, the technology being used becomes all the more expensive, yet continues to increase in demand as well. Secondly, the obvious fact is that computer systems are used by almost every organization around the world and are used to store the most important most vital of data as well as to process upon that data besides using the computer system for communicative and report developing purposes.

This wide array of operations that can be performed on the computer make the computer systems prone to being targeted for the sensitive information that they hold and the sensitive operations that they are placed in the organization’s infrastructure to perform. In cases such as these, where a computer system is a threat, the solution can be found in the form of computer security software which allows the users/owners of the computer system to carry out their operations on the computer systems without having to worry about possibilities of the stealing of trade secrets or the crashing of the organization’s primary electronic database which supports its infrastructure.

The following paragraphs shall attempt to elaborate upon the basics of computer security such as the fundamental concepts that justify the existence of computer security software, the numerous approaches to computer security software that exist and their relevance, the role of computer security in the modern-day world of enhanced technology and connectivity, the fundamental types of security systems that exist today, and the necessity for the development of security systems. The paper shall also attempt to shed light on the history of computer security and shall present an overview of the understanding of how computer security systems evolved through time and rapidly evolving technology to reach the standing where it is present in the twenty-first century.

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