Sample Essay

An individual with a diverse background he has proven the incredible extent to which American perceptions have changed over the past decades. It proves the point that Orlando Patterson makes about black Americans playing a significant role in American public life.

This viewpoint is also supported by the number of musicians, singers, talk-show hosts who are African-American but whose work appeals to a variety of segments of American life.

There is also evidence to believe that at least to a certain extent that the economic gap between the white majority and the black minority is becoming smaller, however this is a matter of some controversy and doubted by some experts. However as the article points out that such viewpoints discount the energy, talent and effort who are now a significant minority in a stable, well-to-do American middle-class with jobs and businesses in main-stream economic sectors.

However even though the advancement that has been made in the perceptions of Euro-Americans and the actual improvement of African-American community along with their integration into American political, cultural, and literary life from an ‘ex-debased slave people’ there are still some issues that need to be considered.

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