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A highly significant attribute of stars that merit highlighting at this point is the fact that the larger the size of the star is, the more rapidly it burns away during the fusion process in light of the fact that it requires the burning away of more fuel in order to compensate for its larger mass. On the other hand, a smaller star does not need to burn away hydrogen as rapidly and can therefore be expected to last longer than larger stars.

Once all the hydrogen in the star has burnt out and the fusion process drops to give way to a temperature drop in the star, the core begins to contract all the more rapidly which results in an increased number of collisions within the star causing the density of the core to spike once more. This eventually leads to the re-engaging of the fusion process and the fusion cycle begins once more. However, it is imperative to note that this time, the fusion process is credited to the helium presence in the star and it is because of the same reason that this repetition of the cycle is far more unstable than its predecessor.

Physical parameters like stellar mass, size, surface temperature, and brightness are taken into account while determining star properties. These fundamental features aid in describing specifics about a star; not all stars are same, and these differences can be important. Astronomers use the distance between the Sun and Earth to determine the properties of a given star. The importance of stellar mass is the most essential of these qualities.

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