“Why are we given so many types of essays to write?”, “why to write essays in school/college?” this is a question that comes in to the minds of a large number of students in high school s and colleges. They do not want to write the essays because it takes a lot of time and effort to write a quality essay on a topic assigned by the teacher and the student do not want to use their time in writing the essay rather using for games and fun. But again the question is “why are so many types of essays given to write?”

The answer is that essay writing practice makes a student a “perfect student”.  By writing different types of essays student becomes habitual of writing any kind of academic paper on any topic without taking more time. This would be beneficial in higher level of education where the burden of courses rises and the requirements in the academic paper also become high. If the students do not develop their writing skills in the initial stage, they will not be able to produce quality papers later on.

There is a very high level of competition in the education these days, which is rapidly rising with time. The changing technology in every field now requires high intellects not the skilled workers, and to become a high intellect, a student must start working from the beginning.

If students keep on saying “why to write essays?” or “it is a burden to write the essays”, they are not on the track of success. To become competitive in the education and then in the career, a student must read and write more which will polish his/her communication skills which are of high significance in every field.

This is the reason the requirements in the high school and colleges for essay writing have become higher and teachers assign grades to the essays given to the students for homework so that they surely do the homework and the grades assign to these essay count for final. With this practice a teacher can evaluate the level of understanding a student has developed about the course and either he/she should be promoted to higher level or not.

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