Sample Essay

For saving the lives of the twenty-seven men stuck with him in the Antarctic for over two years, Sir Ernest Shackleton has been dubbed “the greatest leader who ever came on God’s earth, bar none.” Nevertheless, the world is enamoured with this once-forgotten adventurer, and his efforts have elevated him to a role model for excellent leadership and strategic planning. Shackleton’s style of leadership and time-honored ideas are now translated for the current business world through stories, the diaries of the men in his crew, and Shackleton’s own writing.

The book Shackleton’s Way portrays him as a person who was very close to his crew. He always made himself available in case they required him for anything. However he insured that the chain of command was respected without deterring the open sharing of ideas. He encouraged his men to talk to him about all manner of subjects and debated with them openly.

Although he also recognized that each individual though partaking in every task had their own professional skill set. He knew the advantages and disadvantages of using each member of the crew. He also understood the importance of moral. He would often gift his crew with luxury food items and his crew would have celebrations with music and song. When they were trapped in their vessel these activities helped them survive by keeping their spirits up. He would insure that no one person felt separated as an individual rather they would feel part of the whole group. He also insisted on healthy diet and exercise. He would encourage sports among his crew members. However he would always advise caution among them especially in the case of them not getting lost in the frozen wastes.

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