Sample Essay

Providers of urban regeneration consultancy often believe that two projects being subjected to urban regeneration can very rarely be the same since the geographical, economical, political, social, environmental, and commercial aspects amongst others serve to make every project a unique one. However, there is unanimity in the opinion that the development of effective building structures is one of the most basic and yet undeniable elements of urban regeneration (Mott MacDonald 2006).

In this regard, the development of building structures serves to increase the capacity of the region subjected to urban regeneration in terms of housing, functioning, and eventually productivity. In order to do so, urban regeneration requires that new facilities that are set up are put together and established in a manner such that the facilities are more easily accessible and more convenient to use than they were before the urban regeneration project (Couch 2003). More than often, health and education facilities are either established or reinvented to cope with the increased working capacity of the region being subjected to urban regeneration.

Another reason which urban regeneration holds relevance and a high degree of sensitivity is because it more than often serves to discourage the outflux of capable young talent from the region (Parkinson Foley and Judd 1988). Instead, urban regeneration tends to attract capable young talent which tends to make urban regeneration all the more productive for the economy in which the region is located.

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