Nowadays, it has been observed that a significant population particularly working individuals do not get sufficient time to visit physical gyms and routinely perform physical exercises. Hence, a Virtual Gym is a potential solution to the individual who is not able to visit the fitness centers because of personal and professional reasons.

The customers do not utilize a service if it is not convenient for them. Hence, Xplore Cross Fit acknowledges this and endeavors to make its services convenient for its target consumers. Consequently, the new division Virtual Gym will provide unique services to its target consumers including an online scale to monitor the weight of the members, virtual trainer and nutritious as well as smart wristband that measures the body vitals.

The fitness instructors at Online Gym will work with each member and design customized exercised according to their body needs. At the same time as Online Gym will strive to fulfill the needs and expectations of its consumers, it will provide significant value for its parent company.  Over, the past five years, there have been two significant market trends pertaining to increased use of fitness facilities and a greater focus on healthy diets.

In the past year, there have been widespread reports regarding increasing health crises and obesity. To a certain extent, rising health crises and obesity rates can be attributed to the unhealthy diet of UK citizens that mainly involve fast food and fried item. However, an unhealthy diet is not the only factor that leads to health crises, since a significant portion of the individual is fairly inactive.

It has been observed that only 20% of the individuals belonging to the age group of 20-30 years exercise three times a week. Due to the advancements of technology and societal transformations, exercise has turned out to be an unconscious activity. Likewise, there has been a cultural shift from labor intense work to computer-based jobs.  In order to encourage people to boosts their fitness levels through regular exercises, web-based gyms are the most optimal solution.