Sample Essay

Wolfe seems to support the thesis in his work that in the interplay between the dynamic American culture and religion, the former has prospered over the latter. This he further goes on to say, means that while there are many differences between the religious denominations that are presents, there is little difference between the people who follow them. He also puts strong emphasis on the relationship between modern liberal democracy in American and religious doctrine. In this regard, the author advocates the notion that while the American people are still very religious and indeed do take matters as such very seriously compared to many other nations, they have been able to shape religion to conform to their own unique notion of democratic equality.

            The author pursues his work by bringing to the centre the major components of religious life. This is emulated by naming the different chapters as doctrine, tradition, sin, morality, identity and so on. Wolfe relied on qualitative research to pursue this narrative that he produced which was carried out by qualified ethnographers. This research team spent time with worshippers, interviewed a range of believers and collected accounts to substantiate what Wolfe had to offer. This put the author in a position to analyze the shifting trends in American religion.

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