Sample Essay

Cognitive-behaviorists generally believe in the role of social learning in childhood development, and the ideas of modeling and reinforcement. People’s personalities come from these experiences in which they are involved in critical learning, identification of appropriate (and inappropriate) thoughts and feelings, and imitation of these behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.(G.M.J)

So Whitehouse is almost unaware of any other way in which way to behave. His  hatred for his father the fact that he continuously plays torturous childhood incidents in his mind despite further social learning makes him unable to let go of his childhood and all his learned experiences from them.

It is to be noted that Whitehouse has grown up with extremely negative impressions about his father and himself and is still influencing his decisions.

‘Thus, much of what happens to us is non-conscious, but influential. After we follow the process delineated by Hofstadter to develop a theory of meaning – e.g., an attitude towards the world formed into mental representations housed in memory. A ‘representation’ is a theoretical object that bears an abstract resemblance to something outside of itself. Thus, we create a representation [actually a multiplicity of representations that make up a theory] of the world, our ‘reality’ on data and inferences, almost all of which becomes non-conscious. The trouble with this is that organization tends to commit us to a particular way of doing and viewing things. Organization often creates rigidity.’

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