Sample Essay

Other individuals point out to the increase in binge drinking specially on college campuses in which students are engaging in consumption of hard liquor in unsupervised conditions. They use this observation to point out that 19, 20 year olds cannot handle alcohol, they are simply not responsible enough. However some experts give some reasons why  not lowering the drinking age may have worsened the situation. For example according to Professor Engs from Indiana University who has carried out considerable research on this issue, in communities all over the world such as Chinese, Greek and Italian, the drinking age is lower teenagers manage alcohol a lot better, because they are exposed to it at home and it is simply not considered a big deal.

Also it is obvious prohibiting drinking is not working, binge drinking is still very common. In fact a number of College presidents are signing onto the idea of lowering the drinking age, because if its legal then it will be consumed in a more controlled and less dangerous environment and also lose some of the allure that it has acquired. Basically the point is that teenagers cannot be told to be more responsible while drinking, or drink in moderation, they are simply told abstain from drinking. All these points appear to be supported by the fact that from 1993 to around 2003, the number of underage drinking student engaged in binge drinking has increased by 56%. Also another fact in support of Dr Engs point is that in 2003a study showed that teenagers in countries where the drinking age is lower tend to get drunk less.

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