Research methodology, selected in view of the research objectives, pros and cons as well as details on its use will form part of this chapter. We will also outline the research method used, information collection procedures, information sources, and how this information will be analyzed in light of the research objectives.

Effects of Brand Image on Consumer’s Behaviour in Chinese Markets, specifically Zara and H&M outlets operating across China and Hong Kong – This chapter presents how the image developed by a brand, corporate or stand-alone over-the-years impacts consumer’s behaviour, specifically answering the question concerning factors customers look for in a brand, prior to purchase in the apparel industry. Based on these factors, we can narrow down the facets available with these two companies and how they succeed / fail in the overall strategy to attract or carry along positive consumer behaviour, in influencing their sales.

Conclusion & Recommendations – This chapter contains the overall conclusions drawn from the research, based on information from various sources, as well as the research process itself detailing the research objectives and how these objectives were satisfied / dissatisfied in light of this research. With the help of conclusions drawn from this research, we would provide recommendations summarizing the entire research effort, and how these companies can improve their business models to build an enhanced brand image and in turn, positively enforce consumer’s buying behaviour.

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