Investigative research, carried out with the purpose of identifying the relationships between individuals or roles, is usually best facilitated through the use of interviews. The initial part of the research was supported through exploratory / preliminary research, highly useful for structuring interviews. Secondly, based on the responses from previous studies, semi-structured interviews were carried out in two phases: the first was relatively controlled, while the other was aimed to be free.

In the first phase post-exploratory research, individuals from both sides, audit and finance function were interviewed. Secondly, in an aim to understand the chemistry of the relationships that exist between the representatives or nominated individuals of both functions, key persons were identified on the basis of convenience sampling and interviewed, in a semi-structured manner. Once this information collection was completed, key stakeholders from both sides were interviewed and the interview session was structured so as to allow them to freewheel and express their overall opinion about the relationship, contingencies and constraints between the two functions. Finally, this research project aimed to propose a new structure of managing this complex set of relationships between the two highly different entities.

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