There are thousands of students reported to move abroad for the attainment of higher education in another country. They do so because of many reasons; quality education is not available in their home country, the professional qualification they want to achieve is not accessible or available, the professional qualification or the degree programs are not recognized worldwide, etc. For any of the reasons the students go to an entirely new country, there are a lot of factors which cause culture shock and troubles to them in the initial years.

The first and foremost issue that the foreign students face is the language barrier. In most of the countries, English is second language, and when students from those countries move to native English countries, it takes them a lot of time to understand and communicate with the native English people, especially, their instructors in the class.

The second problem faced by the foreign students is the entirely different pattern of educational system. The course material, teaching styles of the tutors, the academic requirements and the assessment criteria are all different from their own country. At this point, many of the foreign students lose their grades in the courses because of this problem.

Third issue raised by the foreign students is that to live in the foreign country the majority of foreign students also do jobs. Therefore, it becomes hard for them to manage with the entirely new requirements of the academics and their job duties. Most of the times they become late in submission of their academic papers which eventually result in failing the course or dropout.

Another main problem faced by the foreign students is the culture and lifestyle difference. When a person is not comfortable at living, the stress and anxiety leads to loss in efficiency in academic performance.

In the initial years the foreign students go through hard times due to several reasons which consequently affect their performance in their college or university. Substandard academic papers and poor performance in assessment leaves a bad impact on the instructors as well as the native students of that country.

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