Sample Essay

One of the things that has always inspired me, and I believe made me into the person that I am is my search for answers. I have always been as far I can remember filled with incessant questions about life. My mother keeps telling me that even as a young child I plagued her with questions about everything that I noticed and always wanted to investigate everything that I saw. Lately my questions have become even more persistent and I have become more painfully aware of the social realities around me.

I am continuously plagued with questions about how the world is changing around me. September 11 and the war in Afghanistan and Iraq particularly has created a whole different set of questions about what is happening around me. Reading about the terrorists that we are fighting in these countries I wonder about faith and God and what drives so many human beings to die and kill with such apparent disregard for their lives and those of other innocent people. These queries made me research as much information about the wars their reasons and justifications through as many sources as I could find. I have always tried to understand what makes such people tick, those individuals who feel so remote from us but who have in a way changed the way we live and think. I know that to truly understand things we need to completely regard what the other person is thinking or feeling without any preconceived notions or without the desire to judge and classify.

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