Sample Essay

Heroes is one of NBC’s most attention grabbing and awe inspiring series which has attracted adults and youngsters alike thanks to its out of the box story line and fiction based characters.

What initially seemed to be the cause of evil and bad characters later got to be revealed as the savior of good, for instance, Noah Bunnet was most readily perceived as a character that would have a negative influence on people due to his evil character and stance, however, it later became obvious that his mission was to protect those around from those who were capable of harming the world by their evil acts. What could have been thought of as a wrong doer was in reality a good person.

This series, created by Tim Cring is about unique individuals with super powers, the powers and attributes even some of characters themselves are oblivious of, the knowledge of which is limited and not usually shared with the rest of the world. Therefore, such people though seemingly normal like everyone else are often hunted and exploited, thereby becoming victims and often facing imprisonment and rules imposed by the elite. It becomes known that unique individuals are at times taken undue advantage of and exploited by those who try to be in control. However, they together are shown to be the protectors and saviors of this world, hence, the name ‘Heroes’.

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