Sample Essay

According to Byrens (2008, p. 56), the last sixty years have witnessed an in depth study of the scientific management and work environment which have led to a better understandability of how employees give in their input and what could be done to improve working methods. As a result terms and methods such as operations research and critical path analysis have been devised to have scheduled procedures in completing a task.

Rather than pure Taylorism, extensions of his suggestions such as computer aided manufacturing and computer integrated manufacturing are more widely practiced. Similarly, there is not usually one best way of doing jobs now, therefore, in this competitive world ‘Just in Time’ system is what has been getting organizations a competitive edge as introduced by the Japanese. Renowned organizations benefitting from such a system include Wal Mart, Toyota (Six Sigma and continuous improvement) and Dell whose stock turnover is only five hours.

According to Hurrel and Woods (1999, pp. 47), the microeconomic foundations of globalization relied on the concepts of Taylorism ion the 1950’s and 1960’s. However, in the fast paced world today this theory seems to be getting abandoned given the stance of globalization and diffusion of cultures and working practices. A few of the many reasons why it is in crisis is because it separated the act of performing and thinking, as discussed above, assembly line workers are not expected to be giving feedback while managers of supervisors were the only ones assumed to be doing the thinking job and devising strategies for them without a two way communication.

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