International students are those who go to other countries for the purpose of acquiring higher education or professional qualification from worldwide recognized universities and educational institutes. Every year, there are thousands of students moving to other countries on study visa and live there till the completion of their studies, but during their academic years, they come across several issues related to education, living etc.

What mostly has been observed as the main reason of foreign students’ distress is the change in education system. They become habitual of the academic style and examination system of their own country, and when they start their education in an entirely new place, it becomes harder initially to adjust with that. Usually, they ask for guidance but couldn’t get the right person to help them out, because all students are busy to compete each other for grades and other activities.

Another issue raised by the international students is the academic writing requirements. As they are usually not habitual of taking lots of assignments at a time and the course material is also very lengthy to complete within a short duration of one semester, most of the coursework is assigned for homework and students are asked to write the essays and research papers form home within a given deadline. These assignments are assigned some grades which count for the final grades so that the students do all the assignments or otherwise will fail the course. This type of educational pattern becomes hard to adopt for the international students, and most of them who also do jobs in order to finance their education and living, face a lot of difficulty to complete these assignments within the deadline given.

The evaluation criterion is another issue which the international students come across. In their own country, they are aware of the evaluation of the examiners and they work accordingly. However, in a different country where students are entirely new for the education, the evaluation criteria becomes a major issue, for which they ask for guidance so that they do not fail the course in the end.

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