Students’ life at school is much easier than that in the college. At college level, students are expected to be mature and serious about their studies. Therefore, the coursework and assignments are designed by the teachers in such a way that the students start to become habitual of taking burden. At colleges, more emphasis is on the lectures and all the writing work is assigned as homework.

In the beginning, fresh students at colleges are excited about becoming college level students. They feel grownup and plan a lot about their time at college. But with the passage of time, all their plans go in vain because of the bulk of writing work given in assignment. Moreover, the requirements and expectations of teachers have been changed at this level. Students are expected to write their academic papers in a professional way with proper format and citation. At this level, the grades distribution is very critical and students have to work hard if they want to keep up with good grades. An academic paper more appealing scores higher whereas the average ones are left behind.

This increasing homework burden on college students has brought anxiety and frustration in them. Lack of proper sleep, poor diet and losing health are common symptoms observed in most of the college students. Their social life seems to come to an end and because of all day homework routine which makes their life more like in a prison. Along with that, the students also ask for guidance in doing their homework assignments because at this level, to score high means to work harder than ever.

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