Foreign students are those who travel to other countries and stay there for attainment of education in that country. Leaving their homeland and living abroad is not an easy task. For any reason they leave their homeland, there are e a lot of issues which they face in the other country, from which, language is found to be the most important factor that causes troubles for the foreign students.

A large number of foreign students comprises of Asian, African, and Arab students who move to United States, UK, Australia, and Canada to achieve higher education. These countries have their degree recognition throughout the world, and that is the main reason that students travel to acquire qualification of worldwide recognition. But then after, there is found to be big hurdle of language which they face during their academic years. In many countries, English is the second language, which certainly the students study but not use in their routine communication. In the country where English is first, native language, foreign students face difficulty with English language.

The accent used by native English people is hardly understood by the foreign students from Asian and African countries. During the class lectures, it usually happened that the students miss out some main points, or at times, the requirements of the teacher are not grabbed by them for writing assignments. Moreover, the writing requirements are always different form that of their own country which t hey find hard to follow. At that instance, they ask for help and assistance in their education, but hardly could they get some.

It is seen that the local students in these countries do not help foreign students because of many reasons. These cultural and language barriers bring hardships to the foreign students, as a consequence of which, they fail or drop out the courses in the initial years of immigration, until they become habitual of the environment.  English language in pure accent is what many foreign students complain about when they are asked for the factors causing troubles in their education in foreign country.

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