Sample Essay

The fashion apparel market is occupied by names that have prevailed in this sector, two of which were discussed in this chapter, Zara and H&M. While the two companies are of different origins, they are similar in some manners, while different in others. H&M has been in the market for a longer period of time, while Zara has been created as a result of an effort from its parent company, Inditex. Both share a central vision: to provide medium-to-high quality apparels at affordable prices at the right time.

For the realization of this objective, both companies offer products in smaller lead times, through efficient design and manufacturing cycles, optimized stock and inventory control, appropriate usage of resources, as well as adapting to the ‘localised’ look of the region in which they operate.

In some cases, H&M supersedes Zara in a way that it provides its products through its own website and payment handling infrastructure that gives it an edge over its competitors. The website is also effective in communicating large amount of information that allows customers to make their choices from the comfort of their homes

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