Essays have become a significant part of academic writing. Students at different academic levels are given topics to write essays for a certain given number of words so that they become capable of writing good content in formal way with accuracy. To help the student write the essays easily, here are some essay writing techniques

Select an appropriate topic: Selection of a topic for essay which is good and easy at the same time is a difficult task. If the teacher assigns the topic already, the makes half of the job done, however, if not, the student has to look up for a topic related to the subject which:

  • Is interesting for the student to write on
  • Has sufficient literature available to gather information
  • Is a specific topic with a particular focus point to help the student keep the essay limited to the requirement.

Gather information: Gather the material available in the books and on website about the topic selected. It is suggested to save the information on a notebook so that it is used for reference later on. It is better to find the information in the journals and articles because these sources have the updated information.

Read the literature: Read thoroughly all the material gathered to make an understanding of the topic. Read for what, how, when, where, why. Write the points on a notebook about the information gathered and explain in own words. Brainstorming will play an important role here. The more the literature is read, the more accurate is the essay.

Write an Initial Draft: Write a draft of the essay with introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusion. Tell the background of the topic in the introduction, use the supporting points in main body and conclude with a summary of the whole essay.

Write the Final Draft: Write the final draft with proper format and citation. Check for spelling, grammar, vocabulary and punctuation.

The given essay writing techniques are the absolute ones which should be followed to write any type of essay with accuracy and perfection. For an academic essay to be appreciated by the teachers, these essay writing techniques are beneficial at all academic levels.

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