Sample Essay

Workplace diversity has been seen as a growing need in the modern business world. Many businesses around the world and especially in the United Statesnow try to have a diverse team working together so as to get the best results. This has been in line with new legislation that has been cracking down on discriminatory practices in the case of employment which has heralded increased stress on workplace diversity.

Dixon Motor Company has been one which hasn’t followed the growing trends. The company has an abundance of white male workers in its workforce from the bottom to the top with women and minorities being represented very little. As it stands, the company finds itself in a bad patch. The economic downturn has led to a fall in demand for cars in the country which has subsequently led to a decline in the company’s sales. Fluctuating gas prices have also been a nuisance in terms of costs, not allowing the company to post steady earnings. In such a time of hardship, the initiation of a broader workplace diversity program could be of significant use to the company.

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