Sample Essay

Initially, the first impression when customer walks in the bank is most important, well dressed staff treat them warmly and courteously. This demands appropriate training of the staff to inculcate personal grooming and politeness. The customer would not be well served if a bad immpression is given at the reception.  Staff should behave costomers with respect; keep commitments; inspire their trust; work ethically with integrity; uphold organizational values and accept responsibility for their actions.

Another important implication is the flow of customer support services and accounts processing. Staff has to be well trained in their functional domains in order to work in coordination with operations in resolving account holders inquiries and providing them managerial support. They could facilitate a prospective consumer in selecting the service and account options with Citibank as the customers want to know about everything.

While dealing with withdrawls and deposits, customers demand trustedservices and timely processing. Online banking is most preffered mode in this area as it facilitates the consumers’ convenience. I.T support and least response time from the staff is highly desirable.

Strong adherence to security and safety policies  and established procedures; bank security officer should be well trained to maintain an updated plan for the branch; also management has to ensure that branch staff is properly trained and made conscious of any alterations to the branch’s  security plan and procedures. At the departure stage, time is crucial as the customers would  expect warm greetings and information about any new service or facility incorporated in the bank. The dealing person can escort them to discuss about their future plans with the bank.

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