Sample Essay

This proves that each employee working in the construction industry of Hong Kong might be the sole head of his family. Therefore, it eventually becomes very important for him to follow the safety culture onsite while working.

Nonetheless, the workers’ culture of the Hong Kong construction industry is not so overwhelming because apart from all the developments made by theHong Kongin the construction sector, there are still safety culture rules and regulations needed to be implemented for more secure and sound working environment of the employees.

As we have discussed already that implementation of safety culture is of extreme importance for the construction industry ofHong Kong, but there is another conceptual approach available which could help the construction industry to grow with immense development and productivity. This conceptual approach is known as the Safety Culture Leadership Model, which is made form the perfect combination of the construction industry culture, leadership capabilities, workers culture, managerial grid, and finally the safety culture being followed by the entire system. This approach is said to be more beneficial and more suitable for the construction industries to adopt and implement.

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