Sample Essay

Blackberry, the technical Trojan horse has faced immense negative reaction from the employees’ family members as it has badly invaded the family quality time. Therefore, Citizenship and Immigration Canada has incorporated a blackout of BlackBerry use from 7am to 7pm daily for implementing balanced Work-Life living of the Canadian citizens.

The repercussion beside the use of BlackBerry and long working hours is component of multifarious move in the working behavior encouraged by demographic and community services.

            (Duffy, 2008) The workforce inCanadais older and has seen huge swank in the ratio of female workers. Not only this, but the female working mothers’ ratio has grown in the past thirty years from 39.1 percent in 1976 to 72.9 percent in 2006. The ratio of working men has also increased. According to Canadian statistics, 13.8 percent of men work long hours per week for more than 49 hours per week. Male workers of 55 ages and more have registered main noteworthy shift away from the long hour working week. Even the Canadian nurses’ fillers, Baby Boomers are now dropping into the age of late 50s and also working short-time hours for retirement conversion. This statistics just not go for the older aged men, but it has been observed that all job-oriented males have draw backed from the long working hours during last 10 years inCanada.

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