Sample Essay

Women have always been regarded as the ‘fairer’ gender because of their sensitivity and motherly nature that represent emotions, love and care at all levels. Men on the other hand consider themselves to be rugged and tough and capable of handling all situations without interference from emotions. All their actions and judgments are based on rationality and clear headedness unlike women which are clouded by unnecessary emotions and a fragile heart. Before the Second World War, the role of women in the Western society was marginalized to that of being a good home maker.

Women who were going to university or colleges studied subjects such as psychology, writing, art and home economics in order to make them well-groomed, educated but most importantly suitable to assume the roles of a good wife and mother when they married a suitable suitor. The perfect family was one where the male member of the house earned and the woman cooked and cleaned and looked after the children. The society imposed on women a role which at times took away her identity as an individual capable of her own opinions, ideas and thoughts and being able to voice them.

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