Sample Essay

It is often said that well behaved women don’t make history; it refers to the context of women speaking for their own rights, thus, often not considered as a norm of the wider society. ‘The personal is political’ is about the general society we live in and as a result the norms we are shaped by, whereas, ‘political’ indicates the races, sexuality and dominant forces within the general system  that determine and force the very behavioral norms.

Lorde (1978) elaborates that women have often been suppressed and used as a sign of inferiority even with the Western world within the so called male models of power considered to be those having rights to dominance. Often, women have been taken to exercise the service for men thus having much inferior positions despite qualification and sound worth. However, erotic which has often been misnamed by men refers to the shunning of such an orthodox thought and a force to the woman who does not fall prey to such thoughts and beliefs of the society in general. The erotic has often been confusingly swapped with ‘pornography’ which actually is suppression and a phenomenon characteristic without feelings. Therefore as women, the primitive need is to scrutinize ways in which this world could be made different to have gender and societal harmony.

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