Sample Essay

Women are an integeral part of our society and therefore their health needs (which are in a deteriorating state especially in the developing countries) should be given utmost priority.  The world bank’s latest agenda on womens health and nutrition not only recognizes the problems of womens health world over, but has also formulated preventative methods and cost effective interventions for maximum health gains.

This report will highlight, first of all, womens’ health needs, how they can be prevented, and the interventions that are necessary and feasible. Womens’ health needs have become a global issue raising international concern.

Key Issues

Womens’ low socio-economic status and reproductive role.  There is a correlation between poor health, premature death and poverty.  Womens’ reproductive years are the most critical which should be given special emphasis.  Government should place priority on improving the prenatal care of women in developing countries.

Biological and social factors affect womens’ health throughout their lives leaving lasting effects. There are regions in the developing world where girls are deprived of basic health rights, and do not receive the proper nutrition.  Many are neglected on a physical and emotional level as boys are given greater precedence.

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