Sample Essay

The Bangladeshi government decided to start a project to reduce the severe level of malnutrition in 1995.  “The program has been hugely successful as more than 120,000 children and 140,000 malnourished pregnant women were direct beneficiaries of the program.” (A. Tinker, 2000)

The program was able to supply more than half of the enrolled breast feeding mothers and expectant mothers with supplementary foods.  Eighty percent of these expectant mothers were recipients of mineral tablets such as iron.  Approximately ninety percent of the women were given Vitamin A supplements after they had given birth. (A.Tinker, 2000)

A global concerted effort has been made to eradicate the inhumane and barbaric practice of FGM otherwise known as female genital mutilation.  “A council known as The Declaration and Platform for Action of both the International Conference on Population and Development and the Fourth World Conference on Women made it a paramount issue to eradicate female genital mutilation.  These forums were held in 1994 and 1995 respectively” (A.Tinker, 2000).

Since that time, approximately one third of the twenty eight African countries where FGM is a common occurrence, have rendered the practice as illegal and have banned it.  “The first country to legally ban female genital mutilation was Ghana in 1994.  It was the first independent African state to pass legislature banning female genital mutilation.  Countries such as Senegal and Cotecd’Ivoire followed suit and female genital mutilation was banned in both countries in 1999.” (A. Tinker, 2000)

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