Sample Essay

World Bank is one of the first organizations to place special emphasis on womens’ health issues.  In order to improve a woman’s quality of life, education is key, and would enable her to become financially independent.  Nutrition and reproduction are issues that the World Bank has given special consideration to.  A correlation between population control and poverty has also been noted.  By setting up family planning clinics, women are equipped with the know how on how to plan for a family.

Merely educating the women of a society is not enough. It is necessary to educate the public that investing in a woman’s well-being is in the community’s best interest.  There are many regions in the developing world where women face a gender bias that results in their being at the short end of the receiving line.

All institutions across the board such as governments, NGOs, civil institutions (hospitals and schools) have to be committed to bringing about this change.  If all work in tandem, only then can we can expect to see an improvement in the condition of over half the worlds’ population.

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