Sample Essay

Abortion should be made allowed and made legal unless the procedure will prove harmful for the mother.

Three of the most common reasons why women choose abortion is that they do not have the financial resources to raise a child, the others feel that they are not ready to have a child, and others feel that they will not be able to handle the change in their life brought on by a baby. Nearly 58% of the women gave one of these reasons for choosing abortion. This figure is supported by the fact that the majority of women choosing abortion is unmarried, under the age of 25 and are economically backward. Forcing such mothers who are so reluctant to have and raise children or sending those children to an already overburdened Childcare system seems wrong.

People who are anti-abortion believe that it equates to murder. For them it is illogical that the 50 states inAmericahave legalized abortion but murder is a crime. However the question is where do you recognize life as beginning. Those sates which have legalized abortion obviously recognize it life beginning at birth and not at conception. I think before the birth of a child this question is not a legal one but a spiritual or moral one. Nobody should be allowed to make your spiritual decisions for you.

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