Sample Essay

 Wholesalers are generally the third-party individuals or companies who get involved with the operations of the company and help them in carrying out several operations, such as, buying and selling company’s products to other retailers, customers, industries, institutions, companies and other major places.

They are also eligible and responsible for tasks like, assembling products for sale, delivering them ahead, packaging of products and other several things. Dunkin Donuts makes use of wholesalers in order to lessen down its burden of work from the main employees and workers and utilizes services of wholesalers to reach out to the far away customers and non-famous marketplaces where its products are not available due to absence of Dunkin Donuts franchise. The wholesalers also take care of the packaging and delivery of the Dunkin Donuts products from one place to another, which is from one franchise to another and from factory to franchise (Plunkett 283).

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