Sample Essay

Competition for skilled labor has also increased in many developed such as Spain and Italy countries because of an aging population, which means that Canada needs to provide even better opportunities to keep attracting qualified labor and allowing them room and resources for further qualifications. This makes providing educational opportunities even more important to attract and attain a qualified labor force. An estimation of the importance of providing educational resources to immigrants can be judged by the growing demand for post-secondary education in Ryerson University.

They have experienced such a massive increase in demand that they have invested in $210 million in buildings. Now because of a shortage of resources they have been forced to take classes in local movie theatres. Statistics revealed that 67% of immigrants coming in toCanadawant to gain further education believing that it would improve their chances. 40% of this 67% wanted university education. Almost nine-tenths of those between 15-24 wanted further education. Even 70% of those between 25-44 who form the most important working group and who have acquired a certain level of education in their original countries of residence also want further training and education. These immigrants who have come looking here for a better life and want to grow and learn more should not be denied the right to education.

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