Sample Essay

ITSM, acronym for Information Technology Services Management is a process-based approach, to incorporate best practices of the industry to manage IT services of an organization. It simply is a set of processes, instructions or guidelines aimed at facilitating how an organization’s IT process model is equipped to provide services to its’ customers. Compared to ITIL, ITSM is the approach that comprises the principles of ITIL, however, pushing it a step further, actually employing those principles to meet customer’s (both internal and external to the organization) requirements.

The primary focus of ITSM is the delivery of IT services, in alignment with the business objectives, not just technology.

A process with lots of planning, man hours, training, control and feedbacks, implementation is a complex process, especially with regard to the management of IT services. The structure of this implementation is based, more or less, on the following stages (Leopoldi):

  1. Assessment of the current IT infrastructure of the organization, governing processes (if any) and the services stack that is currently available
  2. Based on the assessment, develop a guiding vision, in view of the changing technology trends, services requirements, process modifications or removal, or the reinvention of the process governing the IT services infrastructure of the organization.
  3. Develop a roadmap that identifies how to reach from the current state to the desired state.
  4. Plan on how to accomplish the roadmap

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