The advance of the Latin west church into other regions of the world to control the spread of Islam, led to the further division of the church into the western and Eastern churches or the orthodox churches[1]. The Eastern Church declined under the pressure of the Islamic and Ottoman persecutions and influences of the Islamic jihads. While, the western church developed rapidly to include many continents of the world.

The western civilization has a Christian view different from the east on the differences between falsehood and truth, heresy and belief[2]. The east has a different view from the west concerning barbarism and civilization. The new western Christianity culture has been forced to align itself to the byzantine views and the western civilization thoughts of Eastern practices. The western church is very characteristic for its papal duty while the east is characterised by mysticism and worship. From the late 18th century to present age, we find that there are still conflicts between Christianity and Islam that continually shape the manner in which religion, culture and politics is conducted.

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