Time seemed to stand still as the young men made loud cheers as they drunk they beer. This was not annoying considering the weekend had begun and there were only a couple of more hours to the party. But the horror came when they openly hit on ladies and made cat calls at women on the beach and the hotel. One of them decided to retell his exploits from the previous night, unfortunately he was loud enough for neighboring tables to get a whiff of the action.

The German woman was openly horrified and requested for the bill as she frowned at them. It took five minutes of hearing of the young men’s conversation for her to despite it was time to go. Despite her open disapproval the young were motivated more to flex their muscles and show off their chests. She hurriedly rushed her amused daughter away and it wasn’t long before the DJ increased the volume of the music to signify the beginning of the evening. The young men cheered more as I paid my bill and took my leave.

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