Sample Essay

Researchers, scientists and management bodies  have come across with a better solution to minimize the effects of pollution brought forward by the waste, and this solution is known as “waste management”. Proper management of waste is the basic requirement and entity which should be recovered in the ecological sustainable development for any country.

The proper treatment / method or other related measures through which the waste could be reduced, recycled or disposed off is a part of waste management which helps in reducing adverse environmental effects. Waste management is defined here which involves the products, systems and services which act upon the set of processes and procedures through which waste could be monitored, collected, reduced, separated, stored, transported, transferred, processed, treated, recycled and disposed off. (city of cape town Integrated waste management policy).Waste management is a proper cycle of different set of processes through which the waste could be gathered and then disposed or recycled by following particular set of rules and regulations. It is a very systematic, incorporated and determined control of handling waste in a consistent way. The generic form of waste could be in solid, liquid or gaseous form, which be treated by using chemical, physical, biological, thermal or other types of treatment of waste management (CoUS, 1989, p52).

The practices of waste management are different for different areas. Different procedures of waste management are applicable for different industries which mean the procedures used in developing, under-developed and developed countries are different from one another depending upon the legislatives of the country, the waste management would be different for rural and urban areas, and even different type of waste management is carried out in industries sector and residential areas. (Observation in UK and India, Pelicans).

Sound waste management cycle helps in reducing the adverse impacts on the human health and environment, while enhancing the lifestyle and developing the economic state of the country.


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